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Welcome to SoftRugs, your source for natural Alpaca, Sheepskin, and Flokati products, including custom rugs and pillows you can design yourself in luxuriant Alpaca, Sheepskin or wool. Our focus is on providing unique, high value home accessories for our online customers. We feature incredibly soft rugs, wall hangings, throws, and pillows in Alpaca, Sheepskin and Flokati; suitable for decorating your home, executive suite, or vacation home. And, we are a U.S. Company, based here in sunny Minnesota for your convenience. All products are shipped to you from the United States.

YES, WE DO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY! We send our natural sheepskin rugs, alpaca rugs, and flokati rugs to customers worldwide, including China and Hong Kong. We can customize our products upon request, for the Asian market. Our most economical rate for international shipping is US Post Airmail. Select our special US Postal rate to the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Hong Kong, or call/email us for US Post Office rates to other countries. Please note, our shipping charges do not include any additional tariffs or import duties your country may impose. NOTE: For our Canadian customers, we can if desired, ship to the UPS location nearest you in the USA, so that you can pick up there.

Natural Alpaca Area Rugs and Matching Pillows

Our area rugs and luxury decorator pillows in ultra-soft Alpaca are hand made from real fur pelts; imported from Peru, and 100% alpaca. Top-quality alpaca is used in the softest fur rugs made anywhere. And our alpaca fur is always hand-selected for softness, fluffiness, and texture.

Our natural Alpaca products have the following advantages over others:
  • Chromium Curing - This is currently the state-of-the-art curing process for fur hides. Chromium curing means that the fur will be soft and dense, the hide will be resistant to cracking, humidity absorption is nil, and the fur will last longer than any other method. Not all Alpaca is made this way!

  • Pile Depth - The fur pile on our rugs, pillows and bedspreads is carefully sculpted to make the patterns you will see in this webstore. Pile depth will range from 1.5 to 3.0 inches or longer. Not all Alpaca has pile this deep. In fact, some of our competitors shave their rugs down to less than an inch to save costs when shipping to the USA!
  • Lining - Our rugs are backed with a high quality, soft cotton fabric that will not scratch your floors, and allows the alpaca to be used as a rug, throw, or bedspread. Our pillows have a similar cloth backing, and also a cloth lining, so that no hide or stitching is exposed as is the case with some other Alpaca products.
  • US Company - We are here to help you with any problems. Foreign companies, have less capability to work with you, and you have no recourse in case of disputes.

  • For more information on alpaca for decorating, click on the All About Alpaca button on the left nav bar on this page. We make custom rugs too (see below).

    Please Note: Each Peruvian Alpaca rug is a unique, example of handmade, native artistry. As such, colors will vary, and the pictures shown on our website are only approximations of the exact rug you will receive. If you have specific design needs, and wish to guarantee specific features, such as a dark border, give us a call and we will try to help you. A $25 customization fee will apply. Minor variations in size, colors or design details are normal and add to the appeal of these one-of-a-kind decorative acccessories. Any rug returned for the reason of minor variations from the image examples or for reasons unrelated to defect will be subject to a 10% re-stocking fee, which can be applied against your next purchase with us.

    Natural Sheepskin Area Rugs and Matching Pillows

    Our sheepskin rugs, pillows, and baby care items are the finest available. Take a look, not only at our natural sheepskin floor rugs, but also at our elegantly designed contemporary rugs made from the finest sheepskin and lambskin. Sheepskin has really grown up, and you won't believe how stylish and affordable this natural option can be. For more information on the sheepskin difference, click on the All About Sheepskin button on the left nav bar on this page. We make custom rugs too (see below).

    Natural Flokati Area Rugs

    Flokati is a hand crafted natural wool shag rug that is made from the finest wool for elegance, comfort and durability. It has a hallmark shaggy, deep pile created by an ancient process of immersing the wool in swirling mountain waterfalls. Our Flokati are imported from Greece, and made from 100% New Zealand Wool, the finest available. These rugs are perfect for those who want a natural fiber, but don't want to use animal pelts. For more information, and to see our Flokati rugs, click on the Flokati Rugs button on the left nav bar on this page. We make custom rugs too! (see below).

    Custom Rugs, Bedspreads and Wall-Hangings

    SoftRugs has pioneered the technology to craft customized Alpaca, Sheepskin, and Flokati rugs, pillows, and bedspreads to meet your exact design needs. Our artisans can produce designs in Alpaca and Sheepskin for you that others are unwilling or unable to do! Create your own design, or choose a custom shape, color, size and style variation from one of ours. See our Custom Alpaca Rugs & Pillows page or our Custom Sheepskin Rugs & Pillows page for details on our custom designed rugs, pillows, and bedspreads.

    Now at Special Sale Prices

    We have Alpaca rugs for sale, Sheepskin rugs for sale, and Flokati rugs for sale. Our natural Peruvian Alpaca and New Zealand and Australian Sheepskin are unparalleled for luxurious softness! These rugs and pillows are so soft, they make lounging on the floor a truly sensuous pleasure. Our alpaca rugs are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, accommodating many different decorating themes. Choose from Southwestern area rugs, geometrics and dramatic animal designs. Use them on the floors or walls, as a sofa, chair, or bed throw, in formal or informal spaces. In addition to rugs, pillows and throws, our Sheepskin has also been crafted into products suitable for children and babies. They will love to cuddle in the thick lambskin pile! See our Sheepskin Specials page for sheepskin rugs on sale, or our Alpaca Rugs page for alpaca rugs on sale.

    Click here to review our outstanding collection of large Southwestern area rugs, geometrics and animal designs in Peruvian Alpaca.

    - We specialize in bears, because we know that our customers love to snuggle up to them! We offer Polar Bear Alpaca rugs, Brown Bear Alpaca rugs, Panda Bear Alpaca rugs, stuffed Alpaca Koala Bears and Alpaca Teddy Bears! And many of these patterns are also available as Alpaca pillows.

    - Another big favorite is our collection of White on White pattern Alpaca rugs, and patternless white rugs. White on white is a minimalist look that never goes out of style and works with a wide range of decors, whether as an area rug for the den, bedroom or living room, or as a throw, wall hanging or bedspread. It's also easy to love anything as snuggly and soft as 100% Alpaca.

    Use the buttons on the left to view our rugs and other Alpaca, Sheepskin, and Flokati products, or for help in selecting the perfect size.

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    We will be happy to take your order personally, or answer any questions you may have. Contact us Toll Free at 1-877-658-9879, locally at 1-651-253-0636 or by Email:

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